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Boost Your Business with IVR guru Virtual Numbers

A virtual number allows you to have an area code and local phone number in another country. That means you can make calls and receive calls from people with the same area code at the price of a local call. Keep in mind the number of your EE phone. UU it will still be your main Vonage number.

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How does it work – Boost Your Business With IVR guru Virtual Numbers as follows:
The caller pays the fee for a local call. That is, if your client is located in various parts of the country and IVR GURU company is located in another location, for example, can acquire a Virtual Number in Delhi, Mumbai and configure it to ring on your PBX in the main IVR GURU; as a result, this would be the cost to your customer of a local call.
IVR GURU offers extensive international coverage of local, national, and also free DID numbers. Currently, we cover more than 60 countries and 2800 area codes worldwide, with services delivered through Private or Public SIP Trunks, or through direct PSTN delivery.

Our global network truly allows us to offer high-quality services that include SLA in many countries. Our telephone numbers come exclusively from local carriers in each country.
Associated Services to boost your business with IVR GURU virtual numbers
• Call Forwarding – Call Forwarding
You can purchase several virtual numbers and request the forwarding of this call to a local number in the country where your PBX is located. For example, if your Company or Call Center is in El Salvador and has clients in Brazil, the US, Mexico, and Colombia; You can acquire a Virtual DID number in each of these countries and also request the deviation of your telephone line in El Salvador.
• Flexible multichannel
SIP trunks are ideal for call centers and companies with large incoming volumes. You can also expand the number of channels, according to your needs, which will provide maximum efficiency of simultaneous calls and the profitability of your voice call services, with a base or variable rate according to the requirements of incoming calls.
• Blocking Calls by Number
IVR GURU allows you to have control of your incoming calls. You can decide who can call you or who cannot call you or you can also give callers the option to leave a voicemail message.
• Call Blocking by Timetables
A service that allows to block all incoming calls in non-productive hours and provides callers the option to leave a voicemail message.
• Availability of numbers
IVR GURU has an inventory of phone numbers worldwide, which are available for immediate activation, and consequently a higher quality of DID’S.

How to implement a VoIP solution in your company?

As stated before, the company must have clear objectives to make proper use of IT and follow them fully. An example is telecommunications and information management. The correct management of the data of your company and your clients can make your brand grow exponentially.
The telecommunications, management of critical company data to be used in a convergent manner with business goals, have constant communication with IT managers are extremely important in executing the project that has arisen. Be in implementing your SIP trunk infrastructure, virtualization of your information infrastructure, etc. everything must have a clear objective so that the results are close to what the company has planned.
Choose the best VoIP providers
Optimization of processes cost reduction and increase in ROI your company is what every company seeks to excel in the market. This cannot be achieved without the help of a well-structured IT plan. Consider the needs of the company and draw a course to reach them, and then analyze the different technologies that will help you meet the need.
Telecommunications, which include technologies such as VoIP solutions, technologies that help your customers call you from abroad, free numbers, and PBX in the cloud can help you grow in customer management, Virtualization and data centers can contribute a lot to the security of the information of your company, again, everything depends on your needs and always addressed to the business objectives.

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